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Open as usual...

Whatever that means!

by H. Linens on 08-05-2021

And so we're back..! This Monday, May 17th. we could see customers again and yes.... even allow people IN to the shop so if we do appear slightly intoxicated it will only be the adrenalin from meeting real people again :) No more than any other business who has had to close their doors for the last five months, we were anxious / nervous / unsure / what to expect. There are some...

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Time for change ?

Changing seasons - changing duvets?

by H. Linens on 09-04-2021

With the change of the seasons comes a change in our sleeping patterns... The days are longer and the nights are (generally) milder so now may be the right time to think about changing your duvet or your sheets. Brushed cotton sheets (or flannelette as they used to be known) are still popular, especially if you live in an older house that may not have a high BER rating. You may also be ...

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Lost For Words..?


by H. Linens on 10-03-2021

Lost for words..? Our owner, Joe, could hardly ever be accused of that! Those of you who know him from visting the shop will know of his silver tongued eloquence and his disarming demeanor (he told us to say that). Or maybe you’ve heard him on the radio where he is a frequent contributor on “The Opinion Line” with P.J. Coo...

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A New Dawn...

by H. Linens on 14-02-2021

And so, they were dragged kicking and screaming in to a bright new dawn and things were never going to be the same again…   It could be the first line of a new novel but, in actual fact, it’s the latest chapter in the history of “Household Linens”… From the first time that we opened our doors, way back in 1977 before there was internet or mob...

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