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45 not out !

Celebrating our 45th. Annual Winter Sale

by H. Linens on 08-12-2021

We're coming to that stage when many of our customers weren't even born when Con Murphy from Inchigeela (formerly of Munster Arcade) founded the business in 1977 in a small shop of just over 400 square feet in Princes St. There's a lot of water under (and over) the bridges of Cork since then and besides floodings and storms and recessions and even pestilence, we have managed to 'stay afloat' for forty five years, That is mostly down to you, our loyal customers who have stood by us down through the years and we have been happy to share in your joys and sad to share in your sorrows. We are particularly mindful of some of our older customers who have passed away in the last two years due to Covid and we are thinking of their sons and daughters and relatives and friends at this special time of year.

It is of course a very busy time for everyone and not everyone can get in town (or wants to come in town due to Covid restrictions). There are still people coming in to us who will tell us that it's their first time in town in twelve months! That obviously isn't good for our business or anyone else's but the introduction of our new online store has been some help. You can find it at <> Don't get mixed up, as one lady did, with Household Linens (.com) in New Zealand and she couldn't understand why 'our' delivery charges were so high :) The website is constantly being updated but if you can't find what you're looking for, please call us on 021-4277360 or on our new mobile no. at 085-8505825. We would much rather talk you through the offers than have you end up buying something that may not be as suited to your requirements. The personal touch will always be our cornerstone and you can't get that on a keyboard!

This year's sale will be a liitle bit different again... Besides the impact that Covid is having on worldwide deliveries with ports closed and shortages of factory workers and shortages of drivers, Brexit continues to play havoc with deliveries between Ireland and the U.K. What usually took a week to come in to stock is now taking as much as three months! An international scarcity of shipping containers has seen their cost rise from $1,900 to $18,000 with a proportionate rise in the cost of goods being shipped. We have been advised by most of our suppliers that there will be price increases of anywhere from 10% up to 25% by the end of January. That being the case, we are not scare-mongering when we advise you to stock up on your favourite duvets, pillows, sheets and covers in our sale because these prices will not be repeated. However... Our aim has always been to bring you the best quality bed linen at the most competitive prices and again, your support is testimony to our longevity.

Lastly, can we ask you to keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of any promotions and other information (maybe even give a 'like' or a 'share'). At the moment, it looks unlikely that we will open on Sundays this year, either before or after Christmas. Staff shortages due to Covid has meant that some of our staff have been working six days a week and to ask anyone to do seven days a week is just not worth it in terms of the impact that would have on our physical and mental wellbeing. So, for now, can we sincerely wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas and a safe and joyful New Year and please do stop by if you're in town - even if it's just to say hello. :)

With sincere best wishes to all from all at Household Linens,

Joe, Norma, Sharon, Rose, Chris, & Emma