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45th. Annual Summer Sale

Are we now 'middle-aged' ?

by H. Linens on 31-05-2022

If the average life expectancy is 82.5 years then I guess Household Linens is past middle-aged and heading in to the twilight years - but we're not there yet ! This summer sees us celebrating our 45th. Annual Summer Sale and the founder, Con Murphy, probably never guessed that his little shop, originally on Princes St., would go on to be a fixture in Cork's retail landscape for such a long time. Thankfully, Con still calls in to see us and make sure we're doing things right and that means looking after the customer who will always be our no. 1 priority as Con was taught in Munster Arcade when a raw novice in the linen department.

Today, we are happy to espouse the same philosophy and it's obvious that it's working from the many kind comments that people regularly post on our Facebook page. Speaking of which, we are running a competition on Facebook at the moment for a €100.00 voucher so be sure to get 'liking' and 'sharing' and you never know your luck ! 

Our 45th. Summer Sale is (as usual) an opportunity for you to check out the hot press and see what needs replacing and save some money at the same time. Brexit and transport costs have impacted us all but if you have the right contacts then you can still dig up a bargain. Check out the range of duvet covers that we sourced from a U.K. dept. store that unfortunately closed. Every cloud has that silver lining and these cotton rich covers in a 200 thread count are only €25.00 for a double size including two pillowcases - a saving of over 50% on what they were selling for in the U.K.

At this time of year you may be thinking of changing to a lighter duvet so look no further than our "Spundown" 4.5 tog from 'The Fine Bedding Co.' Made from the finest microfibres it is the ultimate in softness and lightness and can actually be washed in your own machine if the need ever arises. Furthermore, it is safe to wash at 60 degrees and this is the temperature that kills dust mites and those other nasty germs that might be hanging around. It is also available as a 7.0 tog duvet if you need that fraction extra bit of warmth but don't want to go up to a 10.5 tog or, heaven forbid at this time of year, a 13.5 tog.

No matter what duvet you have on the bed, it's almost impossible to sleep if you are going through a huge trauma so our thoughts this week are with the people of Uvalde in Texas and the people of Ukraine. Here in Ireland we simply cannot comprehend the gun culture in the U.S. and why so many people value their gun ownership more (apparently) than their children and grandchildren. With regard to the people of Ukraine, we know what it means to call your own place 'home' and to be torn from those you love... We hope the day will come, soon, when you will be able to start rebuilding your lives in your own towns and villages.

On that sombre note, may we wish you all a peaceful and restful June weekend and we sincerely hope that you all sleep well in the days and weeks ahead.

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