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A New Dawn...

by H. Linens on 14-02-2021

And so, they were dragged kicking and screaming in to a bright new dawn and things were never going to be the same again…


It could be the first line of a new novel but, in actual fact, it’s the latest chapter in the history of “Household Linens”… From the first time that we opened our doors, way back in 1977 before there was internet or mobile phones, our business has been conducted on a personal one-to-one basis. We have always prided ourselves that we take time to get to know our customers, their sleeping habits, their expectations, their dream of creating the perfect bedroom ambience that will lead them gently to that elusive ‘Land of Nod’.

With the launch of our new online store, that personal interaction may no longer be a reality. We have you at the end of one keyboard and us here at the other end of interstellar algorithms and never the twain shall meet. We may be only thirty miles apart or we could be three hundred miles - Doneraile or Donegal… And yet, our philosophy remains the same. Our hope is that you will find something among these pages that you will like, that may create that retreat in your house where you find rest and comfort and, yes, even sleep!

"To sleep, perchance to dream..." (Hamlet)

We are still here to help. Please remember that we have over forty years of experience in helping customers to create the right sleep environment for you so, if you do have a concern or a question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us by phone at 021-4277360 or on mobile at 085-8505825. You will find us on Instagram and we have just launched our own YouTube channel! Of course, we are happy to get a message via text or Whattsapp if you would like us to ring you back or you can message us on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest and email at


There is a huge difference between a duvet with a 13.5 tog from Household Linens and a 13.5 tog from other cheaper outlets. We would like to explain why… We’d also like to explain why a 7.0 tog duvet may be more than sufficient for you if you sleep in a south facing room or a newer house with a higher energy rating.  Do you find that you’re restless at night and do a lot of  ‘tossing and turning’..? Chances are you’re overheating and a lighter duvet might help. People also confuse ‘light’ with ‘cold’ but a good duvet should be light and warm whereas a lot of cheaper manufacturers pile in the filling so you end up ‘hot’ – but not in a good sense. We’d like to explain the difference between a ‘luxury’ pillow from us and other cheaper outlets. Sadly, the word ‘luxury’ is one of the most abused in the English language!


There is so much more… What is the difference between a 68 pick’ duvet cover and a 500tc and which will suit you more? Is your lifestyle more suited to a blended sheet or duvet cover or do you need a natural cloth like 100% Egyptian cotton? What’s the difference between an ‘ordinary’ cotton and an ‘Egyptian’ cotton? When we go to sleep, what happens? Actually, people think very little but the opposite is true. Your breathing slows down, your heart rate slows, your body temperature drops (or is meant to), your REM’s increase in the initial phase, learning is enhanced, healing is increased significantly. On these last two points, that is why babies sleep much more than adults as all their stimulants (touch,, sight, sound, smells) are imprinted on their brain and when we’re sick all you want to do is curl up in bed – because your body wants to heal itself.


All this and more is why we were designated as “Sleep Experts” by the “Fine Bedding Co.” in 2017 – a designation that is awarded only to those stores who have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of sleep matters and how they use that knowledge to their customers benefit.


The good news is that all of this is free! As we said before – we’re here to help. The other good news is that your perfect nest doesn’t have to cost the earth... Indeed, many of our products are sourced from renewable resources, use natural fibres such as cotton and linen and some are completely organic. The textiles industry is aware of the need to change what may previously have been a bad ‘rep’ and at Household Linens we are proud that every one of our suppliers has committed to the U.N. guidelines on the prevention of child labour - we know that you expect nothing less.


In keeping with your expectations, we promise that our new venture online wont change our basic philosophy… Yes, we would prefer if you came in to the shop to ‘have a feel’ of the duvet or pillow or sheet that you’d like to buy but if that isn’t practical we would like you to leave a review on products that you may have bought previously so others can share your experience. We love to hear from you because, good or bad, it all helps us to improve the service on offer.


So… #StaySafe & #StayWarm & #ShopLocal and yes…. Tell your friends – PLEASE !!!