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A time for change

as seasons do so must we...

by H. Linens on 15-08-2021

Frank Sinatra sang about the "Summer breeze and those Autumn winds" and here in Ireland those lyrics certainly resonate with us! After the recent sunny spell (when we barely slept with a cotton sheet at night) the weather has taken a turn and strong winds and heavy showers are a foretaste of what lies ahead. Is it any wonder that people are making a last-ditch bid for some sun and that flights to foreign hot-spots are in demand despite the Covid advisory to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Many of us would say that a bit of sun on our bones is essential if we are to combat seasonal adjustment disorder in the long nights (and longer months) looming ahead.

For many, our 'leaba' is a place of refuge... A good night's sleep or a restorative 'nap' can have a huge beneficial impact on your well-being. Nevertheless, there are daily torments and afflictions that all of us suffer and while your troubles may seem small to others they may be very significant to you. Never be afraid to reach out for help - it is a sign of strength in you to say "I'm not alright and I need help to make my way to a better place". If you're not getting a good night's sleep then maybe you need to think more about creating the perfect sleep environment for yourself... Are you tossing and turning at night? Are you suffering hot flushes? Are you stressed from work (or finances or Covid or kids or a million other things)? Are you missing the comfort of a loved one cudled up behind you..?

Start by looking at your duvet... Maybe you're too warm at night! With the recent improvements in home insulation, we find that we are selling much more lighter duvets than we did ten years ago. Your body temperature is meant to drop at night so that you go in to a state of 'semi-hibernation'. If you find that you're tossing and turning a lot, it's probably your body's way of trying to cool down because if you're too cool you tend to curl up in to the foetal position. 

Next, what is your favoured sleeing position... Are you a 'back' sleeper, a 'side' sleeper or a 'tummy' sleeper..? Each type will require a different style of pillow if you want to avoid waking with a crick in your neck! Sheets and duvet covers are important; if you're suffering from hot flushes you'll certainly want to consider 100% cotton as it is much cooler and more absorbent than a mix of polyester & cotton (usually favoured for their easy-care properties). You may also want to look at your mattress cover... Many of the new mattresses on the market contain memory foam or latex foam which can be quite warm to sleep on. Think about getting a pure cotton mattress cover... Besides helping to protect the mattress, this will also act as a 'climate barrier' between you and the mattress, allowing air to circulate and helping you to stay cool and dry all night long.

Finally, if you're feeling stressed or you know someone suffering anxiety, why not think of our weighted 'gravity' blankets... They have been proven to be of huge benefit in many cases and especially for someone who may have been sadly bereaved. Of course, their benefits to people with Asperbegers, Autism, etc. have been well documented.

As we wind down our 43rd. Annual Summer Sale there are are great 'bin bargains' to be found instore but, of course, you can also find many offers online at <> Brexit continues to impact retailers and one U.K. supplier advised us recently that their prices have gone up by TWENTY-NINE PER CENT!!! Needless to say, we will continue to hunt for the best value out there and we look forward to your continued support.