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We're world famous in Cork like !

by H. Linens on 07-10-2022

Sometimes we all lose sight of who we are and what we mean to others until those 'others' say "we'd be lost without ye" and it's nice to know that you as an individual and your business actually do make a difference in peoples' lives... One such case occurred yesterday when we found ourselves face timing a lady's daughter on WhattsApp (where would we be without it) while her mother gave her a guided tour of the shop. This young girl lives in Eastern Europe and stocks of bedlinen are in short supply due to the war in Ukraine. It was lovely to be able to help her and her mother finally left with three bags of duvet covers and sheets.

This isn't the first time we've had a call with an exotic location... Last summer, Sharon was face timing a lady in Barbados whose mother was going out for a visit and this lady was sitting by the pool with her floppy beach hat picking out different designs - we just haven't lived, have we ! Of course, the people of Cork know good service and good quality and that's why they've been supporting us since we opened in Princes St. in 1977. The start of November will see us entering our 46th. year in business and we are sincerely grateful for your incredible support in that time. It's not just Cork people, but we have customers from all over Munster and beyond, especially day trippers from Dublin on the train who decry that we can't open a shop in the capital (small 'c' intentional !). The advent of the internet has brought a whole new slew of customers from exotic destinations such as Mullingar, Meath, Dundalk and all points North, South, East & West. Unfortunately, we can't take internet orders from abroad as we are not yet set up for international deliveries but watch this space as we have had numerous enquiries about our beautiful duvets and pillows - particularly from North America & Canada... Way back in the early '80's (before freight charges were mental) we advertised in "Ireland's Eye" and actually did send a lot of down duvets to the U.S.A. in particular.

For now, we'll be happy to help 'our own crowd' be they from Ballyphehane or Ballincollig, Hollyhill or Holy Well so if you're passing by - do call in to say hello and we might even give you directions to "The Land of Nod" :)