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If sleep is a help...

why aren't more people getting a good dose of it

by H. Linens on 22-03-2022

There are many different ailments where sleep has been mooted as an 'antidote' so why is it that medication of one kind or another is more often prescribed..? This question was brought home again during the week after two very interesting pieces on "The Today Show"...

On Monday, Dr. Sabrina Brennan went in to the causes of migraine and offered some helpful advice on how to lessen it's impact on your daily routine. In doing so, she touched briefly on sleep. Sleep (or the lack of it) has long been associated with migraine - but whether a lack of sleep causes migraine or migraine causes a lack of sleep continues to be debated. One thing for certain is that a good night's sleep will help alleviate the symptoms so it's benefit canot be underestimated.

On Tuesday of this week, our hosts spoke with Dr. Doireann about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Again, the impact on those who suffer from this debilitating condition was highlighted and the causal issues and ways to alleviate symptoms were discussed. Although IBS is widely regarded as being a dietary issue, the benefit of a good night's sleep, again, can't be under-rated. Indeed, one of the most common effects of IBS is that sufferers report the impact it has had on the quality of sleep they get. Often, it is a disturbed sleep with people waking several times during the night and anyone who suffers with insomnia or sleep apnea will concur that this alone has a severe impact on your ability to function 'normally' the next day.

Dr. Doireann told us that "The link between our brain health, our mental health and our gut health is now very well established – The Brain-Gut Axis”. IBS is often linked with anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue also. Indeed, a study from a university in Japan found "changing which microbes are in the gut by altering diet has the potential to help those who have trouble sleeping.”

Joe has a bit of an insight here because his nephew is Dr. Paul Cotter who is Head of Food Biosciences at Teagasc and a Principal Investigator with the APC Microbiome Ireland and Vistamilk SFI Centres as well as Food for Health Ireland. Paul has been widely published and his laboratory were winners at the Irish Laboratory of the Year Awards for 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Paul has been telling Joe for years (and anyone else who will listen) about the benefits of a healthy gut as we have more bacterial cells in our body than human cells!

Given the correlation between your physical and mental health and the relevance of a good night's sleep we must ask why people think that any ol' duvet or pillow or set of sheets will suffice but experience tells us that that is far from the case. If you do want to reach that elusive "Land of Nod" and in the process, reap the benefits of a good night's sleep, come in and talk to Joe or any of the staff. Having sold duvets, pillows and bedlinen for nearly 45 years, there's not much that they don't know and - who knows..? That "Land of Nod" might be just around the corner !