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Open as usual...

Whatever that means!

by H. Linens on 08-05-2021

And so we're back..! This Monday, May 17th. we could see customers again and yes.... even allow people IN to the shop so if we do appear slightly intoxicated it will only be the adrenalin from meeting real people again :)

No more than any other business who has had to close their doors for the last five months, we were anxious / nervous / unsure / what to expect. There are some who may even be terrified at the thought but isn't it like riding the old bike gathering cobwebs in the shed... "You did it for years and you can do it again". Being honest, we'll admit to all of the above and we'll admit to the frustration of seeing other retail outlets in blatant breach of the laws governing the opening of "non-essential items" and we were actually advised to consider selling a small selection of food products so we could bend the rules ourselves. However, if even one person got sick from visiting Household Linens then we could never forgive ourselves. This is why we will continue to insist that all people coming in to the shop will continue to wear a face mask and follow proper hand sanitisation measures - even if you're vaccinated.

To celebrate re-opening, we are having our Christmas Sale & Winter Sale & Easter Sale & Mother's Day Sale & every other sale we missed while we were closed! There's going to be great value across the shop because we have nearly six moths of stock to sell. If you're looking for great value in duvets, pillows, sheets or just want a browse then look no further. Don't forget, if you can't get in to see us, you can still shop online with us for all your duvets, pillows, sheets, towels  & more at <> 

We are so grateful for all the messages of support and people sending good wishes, especially on our Facebook page. If you don't already follow us on Facebook you might be missing out... We have some great giveaways and at the moment we're offering a prize of €100.00 - wouldn't that be nice ! It's great to see some positivity peeking it's head out the door. The roll-out of the vaccines may have been slower than we hoped but it does seem to have gained a lot of momentum in the last week or so and we look forward to increased confidence in people that they can get out & about for a spot of socialising and maybe even some shopping.

For now, we better see if we can get some exercise in so we can fit in those uniforms again ! :(

Look forward to seeing you all - we've genuinely missed seeing everyone.