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Time for change ?

Changing seasons - changing duvets?

by H. Linens on 09-04-2021

With the change of the seasons comes a change in our sleeping patterns... The days are longer and the nights are (generally) milder so now may be the right time to think about changing your duvet or your sheets.

Brushed cotton sheets (or flannelette as they used to be known) are still popular, especially if you live in an older house that may not have a high BER rating. You may also be using a duvet with a high tog rating such as a 13.5 or even a 10.5 However, if you find yourself tossing and turning a lot then the chances are that you’re over-heating and that’s why you can’t settle down. This is particularly true for women who may be going through menopause so consider using a 7.0 tog or a 9.0 tog duvet. The “All-Seasons” duvets we sell are the perfect solution… A 4.5 tog combines with a 9.0 tog for the winter or simply choose one option as the weather changes.

You might also consider switching to pure cotton sheets and duvet covers… These feel absolutely beautiful to sleep in and there’s nothing nicer than slipping in to cool, clean sheets at night! If you like that silky feeling you can go for a higher thread count such as the “Bianca” 400tc or the “Sheridan” 500tc.

Some people don’t like cotton sheets because they do wrinkle, some more than others, but a happy compromise is a ‘cotton rich’ sheet… These are usually 67% cotton and 33% polyester so you get all the benefits of a cotton sheet with the easy-care properties of a ‘regular’ polyester & cotton sheet. Have a look at the “Belledorm” 500tc sheets or the lovely “Grosvenor” 1,000tc fitted sheets and matching duvet covers.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website then please do give us a ring. With Covid restrictions we are currently manning the shop from Monday to Friday between 10a.m. to 1p.m. but if you send us a text or message us on WhattsApp we will certainly come back to you. Our mobile no. is 085-8505825 or the landline no. is 021-4277360